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Outsourcing done right for small businesses and SMES.

Adding offshore staff to your business allows you to scale effectively while reducing your overheads.

Whether it's technical support, customer service, software development, sales and marketing or accounts and payroll, our years of experience and expert guidance help ensure you get the best results from outsourcing.

Streamlined Recruitment

We work with you to define a position description, find the best people available and assist with staff evaluation and selection.

We provide you with a short-list of the best suited staff for you to interview.

You choose the staff you would like working for you.

Performance and Accountability

Staff report directly to you and work to your processes and procedures.

We work with you to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

Full transparency

Our billing model means that you have full transparency over staff salaries and conditions.  

All staff receive top medical cover as part of their benefits.

We do not mark up staff salaries, so there's no conflict of interest.

You're welcome to visit your staff (in fact, we encourage it).


Wondering where to start?

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We've been building high-performing offshore teams since 2008, and have developed a proven, succesful model.

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Office Administration

"Simone has been awesome this week…… all my overdue task are cleaned up…. 1 week….. I cant thank you enough…"

Pragmatic Outsourcing

Check out our Youtube video for a Q&A session on outsourcing.

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